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Olympus FL-600R Flash Hands On

The Olympus FL-600R Flash is a really easy to use next generation external flash for your camera. It has a wide LCD screen and uses a wireless control. Its built-in LED light efficiently functions as AF illuminator, thus enabling it to produce sophisticated pictures or still images. This is advantageous also for use with auxiliary lighting during video capture or motion pictures. Bounce flash or slave flash is a manifestation of this unit’s versatility. This is controlled by the integrated flash or a different commander unit.

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Olympus FL-600R Flash camera

 Using The Flash Unit

It has a head that can easily be articulated to tilt 90 upwards and 7.00 downward. It can also pivot 1800 in either direction. The settings of this flash can easily be fixed and modified by manipulating the arrows and dials found at the rear part or just by tinkering with the attached controls. If used in a wireless mode, the integrated commander function of the flash will deliver other flash units from a distance without flashing at itself.

Olympus FL-600R Flash

The flashes from the Olympus FL-600R can be divided into three groups (A, B, and C) and one clip on flash that are configured independently. The four wireless channels that are available are secured to prevent distraction from another photographer’s flashes. This unit can be mounted securely on to a hot shoe or externally mounted with the appropriate flash bracket and some cable. It is powered by four alkaline AA (R6) or Ni-M-MH batteries. The kit also contains a flash stand, a soft case container, the product’s manual and a warranty card.

Great things about Olympus FL-600R Flash

* Uses half of the FL-50R’s charging time, which makes it shoot faster and quicker.

* As a versatile unit, the cam can be potentially employed for slave flash and controlled using a camera’s integrated flash or by another random commander unit.

* Charging time of this particular flash is about 50% compared to similar products. This helps you to shoot even faster than the usual.

* Not only that it has an integrated wide panel, it also has a catch light plate that helps prevent its loss.

* The distance chart is in feet instead of meters, thus giving more convenience to the user.

Things to Consider

* It has a much bright harsh white LED light that flicker to signal if the flash is available when the camera unit is put in slave mode.

* The menu system lags if you are changing it to video.

* Bigger than the actual camera.

Overall, the Olympus FL-600R Flash is lightweight, versatile and easy to use unit that produces a consistent output of great quality pictures. It fits snugly and neatly on to a Olympus E-PL5 or indeed any compatible Olympus camera. You can never go wrong if you plan to purchase this particular item. After all, Canon does not really give you many choices in the flash department. This is best matched with Olympus E-M5 camera or a ttl cable flash. The best time to use this flash is to use it as a fill in the flash and also for taking portraits. Try this and see the difference in your still images.

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